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Supervising Younger / Less Experienced Employees

1.     You can grow good ones. There are excellent, highly energetic, and creative people out there. ( You can also grow your own ).

2.     Be sure to expect enough. Expectations convey enormous messages to employees. Expect Success.

3.     Insist on immediate job ownership. They should take responsibility for helping solve problems, thinking on their own and dealing with people problems. Be cautious of teaching them to depend on you for too much.

4.     Watch out for upward delegation. Beware of the Tom Sawyer trick. Your job is to manage, theirs is to do. Assist them, but hold them accountable.

5.     Acknowledge special risks. Be prepared to deal with their hesitancy to take initiative for fear of punishment. Remember: If you don’t make a mistake occasionally – you’re not trying hard enough! Use mistakes for the learning value.