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How do you motivate employees, Staff, workers?

Employee behavior is the result of forces in the individual and in the environment ( needs, attitudes, and personalities on the one hand…the job, the policies, the pay, the co-workers, and the supervisors on the other hand.)

Employees make conscious decisions about their behavior ( or.. You can’t force people to do good work…they have to want to.)

Employees have different needs / desires / goals ( can’t deal with everyone on the same basis, because they do not want the same things).

Employees do what they see is rewarding…They avoid behavior that leads to negative consequences.

So with these absolutes in mind, how do you motivate employees?

1-     Determine the rewards valued by each employee. If it’s going to work, It must be seen as suitable to the employee. Observe employee reactions. Ask them what they desire.

2-     Determine the performance you desire. Be perfectly clear in your own mind what performance level or behavior you want so that you can clearly tell your people what they must do to be rewarded.

3-     Make sure the performance level is attainable. If employees feel that the target is to high, motivation will be low.

4-     Clearly link rewards to performance. To really work, rewards must be seen as associated within a short period of time with successful performance.

5-     Analyze what factors might counteract the effectiveness of the reward ( for example, work group norms about how much to produce).

6-     Make sure the reward is adequate; minor rewards are minor motivators.