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Supervising Older / More Experienced Employees

1.     Experience Vs Education. What older people may lack in formal education they often make up for in experience. Tap into that base of experience.

2.     No Competition agreement. In many cases the more experienced employees knows much more about the job than you. Try to get a pledge of no-competition and strive to work towards a positive relationship.

3.     Get them involved in decision making. Their age and length of service on the job often shows their commitment to it. Get them involved.

4.     Ask them to teach. Seek out their help in training and mentoring new people.

5.     Expect them to learn. Stress this in early meetings with all your staff. Don’t overlook your older employees in terms of training assignments.

6.     Sounding board role. Review your ideas with them. They often know the informal side of an organization. They also typically know where the skeletons are buried. However watch for over dependency on    your part.