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How do you develop active listening skills?

1-     Stop Talking. If you really want to be an effective listener, stop what you are doing. Eliminate distractions. Give full attention. Show the person that you really want to listen.

2-     Put the person at ease. Get relaxed yourself. Use door openers like; What’up? Anything I can help you with? Don’t rush, give them time. Be alert to posture and nonverbal cues.

3-     Don’t interrupt, especially if that person is upset. Allow for ventilation to occur. Remember it’s only words. Be patient.

4-     Empathize, Make a statement of regret. Be genuine. Ask them for their help. I’d like to understand your problem; will you help me?

5-     Paraphase. Try to summarize what you’ve heard and restate it to the person to his/her satisfaction. This often helps defuse tension. It also aids in showing employees that you’re trying to understand their situation.

6-     Ask open ended questions. Use questions for clarification and understanding, ‘’What do you suggest we do?’’

7-     Use Silence. Don’t be afraid of tension. If any tension  exists, time perceptions get terribly distorted.

8-     Allow reflection. In many cases the best role we play is that of a sounding board for our employees. This even allows for a little pressure release.