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New Supervisor – New Employee Job Instruction Training Method

Phase One

‘’Get ready to instruct’’

-        Have a timetable, how much do you expect the trainee to learn and now soon?

-        Break down the job, list principle steps, identify key points

-        Have everything ready, equipment, materials, supplies

-        Have the work place properly arranged

Phase Two

‘’How to instruct’’

Step 1 : Prepare

Prepare the employee..put at ease..find out what he/she already knows, develop interest, place in correct position.

Step 2 : Present

Present the operation, Tell / Show / illustrate / question..Show patience, stress key points, instruct  clearly and completely, one point at a time, Don’t overwhelm.

Step 3 : Practice

Performance tryout..have employee tell / show you..have them explain key points..questions and correct errors..Continue until you know he/she knows.

Step 4 : Follow-up

Follow-up.. Let go.. designate whom to go for help. Check Frequently..encourage questions…stress key points..Stress quality at first, consistency, then speed.