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Giving Orders And instructions

Making it clear without getting backlash

These guidelines work, and work well

1.     Ask, don’t command, Favor the request over the direct command; this is not a signs of weakness

2.     A positive order is better than a negative order. Stress what to do rather than what to avoid.

3.     Tell why it is important. Employees have a need to know.

4.     Requests should leave as much freedom of action as is possible to the receiver, Consistent with his/her ability and training.

The question is clear. What’s the only absolute method for making sure your message got through as you intended it? GET FEEDBACK.

Then why don’t we expend more effort on follow-up?

1.     We assume the person got it and don’t want to appear condescending.

2.     We’re in a hurry to get something done.

3.     We simply don’t – for a number of reasons.