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Tips to avoid workplace harassment, Phone, moral or sexual harassment can also occur in your business

Phone, moral or sexual harassment can also occur in your business. No one is safe from this scourge. This kind of behavior should never be taken lightly and should be detected through your attention and that of your teams and apprehend them upstream.

The harassment ?
According to the public service, three types of harassment are retained and make it possible to understand the mechanisms used by stalkers.

1. Telephone harassment.
Repeated and malicious phone calls are considered harassment. The repeated sending of SMS or malicious e-mails is likened to telephone harassing or ringing your phone without speaking to you with the sole purpose of causing noise problems.

2. Moral harassment is manifested by repeated actions: derogatory remarks, intimidation, insults ... These actions result in a serious deterioration of the working conditions of the victim who risks:
undermine his rights and dignity,
or alter their physical or mental health,
or jeopardize one's professional future.
These actions are prohibited, even in the absence of a hierarchical link with the author of the facts.

3. Sexual harassment is characterized by repeatedly imposing on a person sexual comments or behaviors that:
undermine his dignity because of their degrading or humiliating character,
or create a situation that is intimidating, hostile or offensive.

Here are 9 tips.

1. Communicate harassment with teams
Communication on the subject of harassment is paramount between teams. Make sure that employees communicate with each other to express problems becomes necessary and allows if necessary to pierce the abscess around a misunderstanding or a proven harassment. Establish dialogue with his teams and intervene so that everyone knows what harassment and its consequences on the person but also the criminal consequences they may incur if it turns out to be the author of harassment. Communicating enables employees to understand the irreversible consequences of harassment and to help a colleague who is the victim of this phenomenon.

2. Identify problems by observation
To prevent harassment, it is important to identify possible problems in working relationships. To do this, observing the attitude of employees helps to prevent a delicate situation in terms of telephone, moral or sexual harassment. As an employer, an external vision to the teams gives you a different approach to the situation and allows you to play the role of mediator and warn about your inflexibility in the face of inappropriate behavior. A dialogue with an employee who has an inappropriate or aggressive attitude towards another employee asks them to approach the problem with sensitivity to make them understand what harassment can bring.

3. Remove from your attitude any tolerance for dubious jokes and touching
To avoid any situation that is out of place from a sexual harassment point of view, questionable jokes or touching must never be tolerated in your company. Do not hesitate to take your employees a little too joking and tactile. A regular warning about these practices can prevent such behavior and reassure people who may be subject to such behavior.

4. Put in place preventive measures
Educating employees about workplace harassment remains important, as information helps identify strange behaviors. The rules of procedure must mention the prohibition of harassment. To complete this, prevention visuals in the premises informing all employees will give the definition of harassment to better prevent it. Occupational medicine in some cases can inform a company and its employees to raise awareness even more, following previous harassment cases. Bring to the attention of its employees the texts of the Penal Code law repressing the moral harassment, collaborate with the representatives of the personnel and, if it exists, the committee of health, safety and conditions of work (CHSCT) make part of the duties of the employer.

5. Establish anonymous questionnaires carried out by an external audit To detect harassment as soon as possible, setting up anonymous questionnaires is useful. In the event that employees are unable to express themselves on the subject, the anonymity achieved by an external audit can make it possible to confide in them. The practice of questionnaires is difficult to implement in small structures. This technique still gives the harassed person the opportunity to engage without constraints.

6. Inquire through the employer's right of inspection Within the company, in case of harassment, the employer may be charged under the law. He remains responsible for his employees and their actions under the roof of the company. In case of doubt, you can assert your right of scrutiny on the correspondence of your employees (e-mails, action plan, annual maintenance ...). This solution can be radical, but it helps to detect unusual behaviors among your employees, if this is the case.

7. Do not participate The important thing in cases of proven harassment is to support the victim or at least to appear relatively neutral as a mediator. If one of your colleagues allows themselves questionable reflections or strange approaches, be inflexible. You must be exemplary and above all avoid that the victim feels somehow complicit. As a leader, taking responsibility for harassment is knowing how to say no to inappropriate behavior. Indifference is the door open to harassment.

8. Attempt to understand the stalker. Harassment in his business is always difficult, the employer must be concerned to avoid recurrence. One of the important things is also to be concerned about the stalker and his intentions. Understanding one's behavior helps stop and prevent harassment. Once the facts are established, the harasser must be confronted with the problem and so you can convince him not to do it again. Thereafter, do not hesitate to put a surveillance in place to avoid recurrence. Do not hesitate to use the occupational medicine that can help you but also organizations such as suffering at work that have allowed businesses to be deadlocked.

9. Take necessary measures. In the event of proven harassment within your company, taking the necessary measures is a legal obligation. The principle is to never take the least noise, the slightest rumor lightly. In cases of proven harassment, an internal procedure is required and a complaint to the police, if the victim so wishes. Feel free to support those involved and make it a personal affair to show your dedication and interest in keeping the team together.