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Tips for managing a narcissistic employee

In a company, strong characters remain very difficult to manage for both managers and employees. With a narcissistic person, the approach is very particular and can be destabilizing. Here are some tips for managing a narcissistic employee.

1. Identify your personality
Identifying a narcissistic personality is not easy. If she regularly stands out, tries to be admired by everyone and has little empathy for others, you are surely facing a narcissist. These people often feel the need to be superior to others to prove how great they are. However, such an attitude can impinge on the work environment and colleagues who may feel unsettled when they have little confidence in themselves. You will have to deepen under what circumstances his narcissistic attitude shades colleagues and make sure to highlight the people on his team.

2. Be lucid
This type of person will not hesitate to present himself as superior to achieve his ends. It needs to exist, to perpetually be the center of the world. In order to master these situations, we must keep what we call "the cold head". A narcissistic person is always looking for weaknesses to dominate the vulnerable. In the context of the company, she will be able to manipulate her colleagues to obtain the favors of her hierarchy and the colleagues are often dupes of this behavior. Being clear on the situation will help you to counteract his way of doing things.

3. Assert yourself
Narcissists who feel the need to be admired will want to access their ambitions as quickly as possible. They can become stressful, put their superiors in difficulty and exert such pressure that it is difficult to say "no" even if they abuse. In the case, where the "no" intervenes, it is better to say it with empathy. In no case should it make him lose face because you may trigger behaviors that you will not control.

4. Do not be swayed
To satisfy himself and reassure himself, the narcissist does not hesitate to manipulate his collaborators to achieve his ends. For the sake of labor relations, it's best not to get into his game. If you feed his ego by blaming other people or spreading rumors, he'll feel all the more powerful because he'll know about it. future use them against you as he sees fit.

5. Manage a situation
Finding yourself in front of a person who is constantly boasting is quickly annoying. For the company and all employees, the dialogue must be initiated. Admittedly, if he does not get his way, the narcissist may stumble. He will take your exchange as a criticism and will try to make you feel guilty, being tactful will allow you to get out of the spiral in which he wants to lock you up. To improve the situation, the solution is to make him understand nicely the impact of his behavior on his colleagues.

6. Help him with his vision of others
To feel unceasingly superior, the narcissist sometimes needs to be unpleasant with his colleagues. He is generally lacking in empathy and ultimately critical to reassure himself. He complains about insignificant details just to humiliate a person. In this case, one must be able to calmly explain the suffering of others and make him understand that criticism is not useful.

7. Never outbid
Always in a perpetual desire to elevate himself, the narcissist will try to submit his entourage, so that he can be the best. Since he does not show appreciation to others, it is useless to try to outbid a narcissist when he boasts. The best solution is to acquiesce if you deserve it. Otherwise you risk venturing into an unhealthy competition. Outbidding is an aggression for a narcissist, he feels helpless and becomes difficult to manage.

8. Compliment
Oddly, the best way to deal with a narcissist is to compliment him. These people often have a problem of self-confidence and their character is just a facade. Compliments must be fair and focused. We will say rather "This morning, you did a very good job on the file ..." instead of "You're great in this area". Targeting the compliment helps to flatter him and show him our empathy on an element and not on a generality. This psychological inversion will engender a beginning of awareness in some cases. He will understand that he does not need to flatter and brag to reassure himself that he is the best.

9. Avoid contact, in extreme cases In the context of the company, a narcissist can really destabilize the teams and hinder the activity. If the situation becomes out of control, contacts with such a person should be avoided. Do the bare minimum, narcissism is often a desire to manipulate and it can destroy a pleasant atmosphere within teams. Previous advice will be useful in less extreme cases, but if the situation deteriorates, it is better to ignore it and talk to competent people. And to improve the situation calmly why not make him participate in a training on relations at work?