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Workplace Planning Tips

1.     Brainstorm all possible action steps. Encourage participation – hitchhiking on ideas. Emphasize quality of ideas and reward input.

2.     Group anything that can logically be grouped.

3.     Go back over your list and ask yourself, Have I forgotten anything?

4.     Estimate how much time each step will take. Be realistic.

5.     Reorder your list. Identify what must come first, second, third, etc.

6.     Establish milestones and checkpoints for follow-ups.

7.     Use a giant calendar or similar device. Block out times over which you have no control.

8.     Use a count-back method for reasonably working back to start time. ( Avoid crisis management – The cause of many crises is failure to anticipate and plan for known dealines.)

9.     Remember the Five P’s of good planning