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Making The Transition To Supervisor

Understand the ‘’Push – Pull’’ reality

-        Supervisors are often pushed into a number of jobs they are not particularly trained to deal with – yet it has to be done.

-        At the same time they are pulled back by things they would like to continue doing but can’t.

-        The problem then is learning to manage anxiety over the pushes and not slip back into established comfort zones regarding the pulls.

Understanding The Linking Nature Of The Process

-        The Supervisor is the vital link up / down the organization – a leader of one group, a member of another. Employees often perceive the organization through the actions of the supervisor.

Understand That A New Skills Mix Is Essential

-        Success in supervision often means letting go og operating duties and taking on new challenges.

-        At higher levels the job becomes more open-ended and conceptual.

-        At all levels, human skills are critical.