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Employees With Negative Attitudes

From time to time, it seems that nothing works with a particular employee. Rather than let that employee have a contagious effect on others in the work group. The supervisor often has to confront ( Positively ) the employee.

Fixes for chronic complainers

1-     Be sure you give them recognition for what they do WELL ( not Poorly ). Like some kids, they like attention. If a child can’t get attention for positive behavior, he/she will sometimes act inappropriately to get attention.

2-     Reassure them about their abilities. Often these employees may feel outdated or overwhelmed with new challenges. They may need encouragement.

3-     Accept their feelings. As long as it’s not interfering with performance do you, the supervisor, need to deal with it necessarily. ( you don’t have to like someone, or be liked by them to work together ).

4-     Check to see whether the complaint or ill feelings are more widely held and follow-up to correct them if you can.