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Building A Positive Work Climate

The critical key to getting results is the expectations climate the supervisor maintains.

1-     What a supervisor expects of an employee and how he/she treats that employee will combine to profoundly influence the employee’s performance and career progress.

2-     Outstanding supervisors create high performance expectations.

3-     Employees appear to do what they believe they are expected to do.

Special Caution

Less effective supervisors fail to develop high expectations.

Start with a four positive factors

1-     Develop a feeling of acceptance, an atmosphere of encouragement, feeling of attending to the employee. Give praise for good work.

2-     Give more guidance and instructions; do not be timid about giving constructive criticism ( positive as well as negative ) when necessary.

3-     Develop a tendency to teach more thoroughly, to teach more advanced techniques, to challenge, and especially, to not be afraid to teach everything you know about the job.

4-     Encourage questions and discussions, give more time ; use an unhurried, willing-to-listen approach, be accessible to employees.

Common Mistakes To Avoid

Sometimes the best way to learn how to manage is to learn from our mistakes and hope that we don’t repeat them.

1-     Organizations usually get what they reward, not what they want. The classic example is seniority as the basis for promotion..while controversial, seniority as a basis for promotion rewards the length of employment, not the quality / quantity of performance.

2-     The job can be made rewarding by itself. By redesigning it to fulfill higher levels of needs such as independence, challenge and creativity, motivation can occur. This is the basis for job enrichment and enlargement programs.

3-     Thinking that money is the best motivator. Certainly we can’t live without it; however studies clearly demonstrate that money motivates only under certain conditions, for a certain time, and for certain types of employees.

4-     Overlooking the ego, needs the most employees have, recognition for a job well done is critical to sustained morale.