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Meeting With A Difficult Employee – Face To Face Discussions

1.     Discuss performance issues, not the person

2.     Limit your discussions to facts, not assumptions

3.     Be objective, back up with records

4.     Be prepared to spell out clearly what’s acceptable and how to reach it

5.     Listen…allow for ventilation

6.     Share the blame if necessary

7.     Use mistake for learning value

8.     Focus on the future, not the past

9.     Find a better way..use open ended questions to draw the employee out

10.  Affirm their ideas and when possible, add yours as suggested improvements. ( Don’t tell them they’re wrong constantly )

11.  Allow employees to save face

12.  Summarize what’s said,  What’s agreed to.

13.  Put it in writing if it’s serious enough. Written commitments work

14.  Compliment the other person’s calm matter

15.  End on a high note of confidence that improvement can occur

16.  Follow-up. Set a time / Place if appropriate to review progress